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Difference between Trademark and Brand Registry?

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Let's put everything into easy wordings rather those nerds talk.


  • TM
  • BR

Trademark (™) is a word or logo/symbol, and we can get it from our targeted marketplace country.

Brand Registry is designed by Amazon once we have the TM in hand we can get certain tools access from Amazon the main usage is to save your (Listing) from Hijackers and Amazon will let you use their brand related tools such as search time optimizer/brand analytics and much more.

If you want to get TM in US you can file it with USPTO but let just say you are in hurry to launch and you can't wait 12months to get your TM, you can always opt-in for IP accelerator program. Amazon has listed a couple of firms with whom you can get in touch to get your TM and BR within 3weeks. My preferred firms are hoveywilliams and Loza&loza.

We used to file TM in UK IPO but Amazon has just released IP Program in UK & EU as well. Where as in Canada we still have to 12-24months to get our TM.





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