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Why your listing won't Convert?

Bilal Ahmed
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?You want to quit your job and start your own business.


?You want to make money by working from your home.


?You want to make an online asset, which will give you money every month.


?You want to establish multiple sources of income.


?You want to make your family live better.


"Am I right?"


Hell, Yeah. That's why you joined this group and started learning about Amazon.


But this crap has nothing to do with product listing.

Is this what you are thinking?

Well, I agree with you. However, I made you read this post.


?Can your listing capture the customer's attention like this




Does your customer get bored after reading a little of your bullets? And diverts his attention to some other lists? ?


Now, go to the start of this post, and you can see how I used your emotions to grab your attention.


"Similarly, in your product listing, instead of focusing on the product features, become emotional, and catch your customer by killer content."

Stay tuned for more awesome tips & tricks, and don’t forget to invite your friends to Ecommerce Galaxy Forum.


     Killer content focuses on your customers' emotions by killing their intentions to move away from your listing and assuring your sales.

Bilal Ahmed

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