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What is Product Listing?

Zeeshan Hamid
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Hello Amazon FBA Family!
I know most of the guys know about the listing, but this time for the newbies who are asking me about the Amazon Fba Listing so I recommended this forum.

  • What is an Amazon listing?
    An Amazon product listing is the product page for each of the items you sell on Amazon. In simple words, it is a digital shop to show your products that you want to sell on Amazon. A complete listing does the following things:
  1. Enables your products to be found in Amazon searches
  2. Encourages shoppers to purchase your products.

Essential Elements of an Amazon Product Listing

  • Product title – your product title in an Amazon product listing can be up to 200 characters, and it should include the most relevant and highly searched keywords. It’s an art of hinging the keywords in the title to make it attractive for the readers that come with the experience.
  • Images – Images have a great influence on a good sale velocity, Amazon allows nine images and the best is to go with at least five images. There should be a variety of images too, including images showing the product's size, and the product being used showing multiple angles of the product and its packaging is also helpful. In addition, it is important to follow Amazon's requirements for images.
  • Bullet points – below the price, product options, and shipping details of an Amazon there are five bullet points. The best way to use this section is to highlight the product's main features, benefits, applications, and what you are offering.
  • Description - It lets you give more information about the product and include your keywords again. Give the details of the products from different angles, e: g why this design, color, and size is better than other competitors.


Muhammad Ali
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Pertaining to subject, I will hover around how to add product listing. At the outset find following;

Product listing/Optimization:  Detailing, your product sourced, in such a way on the display page that it shows all the features of your selling product (benefits, size, variations, images) by using relevant keywords that rank/optimize the selected product on the top page and capture the ultimate consumer.

Now the question arises where you do Product Listing : You do listing in “Amazon Seller Central Account” which is a Amazon web interface/page used by seller to sell the products to Amazon customers.

How Virtual Assistant (VA) will get access:  Amazon Seller will give access/permission through child or sub account, to VA through an invitation email, thus that permission will enable VA to manage account along with product listing.

How to Add Product Listing in Amazon Seller Central: 

Once you have seller central child account access then you will follow following steps for PRODUCT LISTING.

Steps: Go to Amazon Seller Central Account ------>  (Go to options ) Catalog or Inventory --------> Add Product ------>   I am adding a product not sold on Amazon Or Upload file to add multiple products --------> Select a product category + sub category ------>  Once you follow above steps in seller central, you can upload all vital information, variations , images, keywords. 

Hope so above simple brief will help newbies to add product listing. 



Muhammad Ali