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Product Listing and Optimization

Zeeshan Hamid
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Product Listing and Optimization
Product Listing and Optimization is an art that comes with the experience. There are plenty of things to analyze while optimizing any listing.
Below is my experience on one listing which we make profitable after a struggle. The product was launched in the USA having 10 variations with 800 giveaways in the Fashion Category. Listing have 5-6 keywords are on page 1 in the top 10 with avg BSR of 22000 and just getting the 15-16 organic orders per day.
Our Analysis:

  • Main image of the listing not having high resolution and attractive as compared to the top competitors.
  • Design and color variation is not liked by most of the customers, later changed the color variations.
  • No keyword hinging in Title.
  • Messy and over stuffing of keywords in bullet points, no one bothers to read lengthy bullet points.
  • High sourcing price, have no room to play with the price, which later directly source through the manufacturer instead of the trading company.
  • Product video demonstration was missing, later done by registering the brand and adding the USA influencer.
  • Backend keywords are mostly high search volume but low relevance to the product.

Review velocity was slow as compared to other competitors.