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5655 ERROR and How to get UPC in cheap?

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Before you create a listing you should have the couple of things in hand , you can set up timeline events so everything goes in step wise.


1- Your brand name should be clear by any service provider, should have bought the domain the moment its cleared - (not talking about filing yet)

2 - All the negotiation should be clear with the supplier and you must be ready to place the order for sample. Give him your Brand packaging or any dummy picture to stick on packaging which shows your "brand name" clearly. (strictly no photoshop or stickers, exception for ply bags)

3 - Go to and buy from Enterprise Nation.
Doesn't matter which market you are selling, from which market your account is made. You can buy from Gs1UK. Yes its recommended buying from same market your account is related but again its on you. So all depends upon you!!
Check Out! Enterprise Nation(Cost 60 Pounds including VAT)

Step 1 :- Fill the form and wait for 2days, They usually reply within 2 WORKING DAYS only. If you don't get anything back on your email. You can email them which is mention on the sidebar of this link. While doing email Mention your company name and Business number.

Tips :- make sure you put the same company name on form , on which your SC account tax information is filled.

Step 2 :- Once they get back to you with everything you have to sign up on their membership and pay the invoice that cost around 60 Pounds, ( cost me 68 USD Payoneer)
You will be assigned a Company prefix. ( company code you can say which is 11 digits)

Steps 3 :- Then you have to go NUMBER BANK then choose GTIN-13 (which is EAN)
So company prefix = 11 digits
UPC = 12 digits
EAN = 13 Digits.

As we have opt-in for GTIN-13 we will get 3 additional digits after our company prefix. Now you will have all those GTINS-13 which is EAN which u will choose while creating a list. Butt!!

Before you create a list, you have to click on UPC in number bank it will open a window to put TITLE/DESCRIPTION/Brand Website and other things. Make sure you use the same title here which you will use on your listing, so they can match later.

Tips :- compile your highly search and relevant keywords in 5 words only, Yes 5 only. Put it on Gs1 and on your listing this way Amazon will be forced to make a canonical URL on those keywords only which could be your main kw.

Now after filling all the information on this Specific GTIN-13 you have to wait at least 72hours before it gets fully updated. But you can always check its status from this link (link credits Abubakar Mughal)

Click on ownership to check information status and Ownership for company details.
Now while creating list put same title as you did on Gs1, Choose EAN this time regardless of you are selling in US even. I know EAN is for Europe and UK but you bought EAN so do it.

On Manufacture column put your Company name instead of brand, It will let you create a list, for me, it did, This trick credits goes to (Adeel Tareen), even his 2-3 listing was created but let's just say it doesn't let you create it!

Then you have to go to your that specific UPC it will show option to download BARCODE which is an image and has UPC on it. ask your supplier to paste it on your package, ask him to send you a picture of your products clearly showing brand name + UPC barcode which you gave him in his hands, before he sends the parcel to you.

No login on your Gs1uk and go to Subscriptions and Certificates then download the specific certificate of that GTIN-13 you are using, this will be in PDF and you can gather everything and create a case by mentioning 5655 error code and ask for brand name approval so you can create a list. Attach all the things you have gathered.

A rough estimate time line for different marketplaces.

US - 7-15days
UK - 7-10days
CA - 5-7days

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