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When to get photographer? Is it okay to spend more on photography?

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Well this has been actual talk between people who care about money more than their business. I would rather put $1000 towards my product listing and its content rather than spending $200 and bare loss in last.


Why does photographer demands so high?

My marriage photographer can do in less than $200

The point is you buy what you can see thoroughly. It's the image of what sell itself. If you run ads/ppc you will have less impression and clicks. It's the click which makes the customer spend time on your listing the more they spend the more chances to make a purchase.

It's the main image which should be so eye-catching than your competitors. This Skills Demand people who know about Amazon customer base + Photography + Great photoshop skills, because they can think about all this creativity to make it perfect to extent.

Throw some money on your images to be better than others, Period!


When is the right time to do photography?

I believe the right time is the moment you are about to pay 30% to your supplier for production, its highly recommend getting in touch with the photographer and talk about ideas and keep tuning it work on dummy pictures meanwhile ask the supplier to ready 1 piece earlier than full batch and get it send to the photographer in China or to your destination country for photography.

Even if the photographer takes about 3 weeks to complete everything your goods most likely be in SEA so you will have everything beforehand without any worrying of delays.


My preferred Photographer is Ansir  ,he has been working with me on couple of listing and results are astonishing, he has been the oldest photographer with studio in Islamabad & in China.