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Price negotiation Hack: Become your own Employee

Bilal Ahmed
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Become your own employee? ? 


Yes, you read it right.


"In this ever empowering community where everyone is telling ways to become your own Boss, today you will know the benefit of doing it's opposite."


When dealing with suppliers on Alibaba, don't tell them that this is your own product or you are the owner. Instead, show yourself as an Employee.


Being an employee, while Sourcing on Alibaba, you will have the power which you can't obtain by being a boss.


The leverage that you will get now is that you can negotiate with the suppliers in a sympathetic way saying that: “Your price is too high. I know it is because you have a better service than other supplies, but my boss told me to find another supplier who can offer a better price.”




You played your cards well.?


Now, you have more leverage against those suppliers. 

Use this trick while sourcing your products from China, and you will be able to get better pricing.

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