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Price Negotiating Hack: Use your Invisibility Cloak

Bilal Ahmed
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Have you seen movies where there is an invisibility cloak and whoever puts it on becomes invisible to the rest of the world? 🧐

Yes, I am talking about those situations in which the HERO puts on this cloak and becomes invisible. Then he uses his invisibility to surprise the enemy, using a sneak attack. 


Do you know, you can also use this invisibility cloak while negotiating with your suppliers?


Are you wondering how the hell this is possible?


It’s quite simple:


Next time you negotiate with your suppliers, suddenly disappear and don't send a message for 1-2 days. 

Since you are in invisibility mode, the supplier will think they have lost you.


This is it; you made your point. 🤯

You have used your Invisibility Cloak.
You have used your Invisibility Cloak.

Now, when you go online again, the very same supplier will be happy to do whatever you ask him. You can use this chance to leverage a better price for your product by telling him that your boss told you that the Suppliers price is too high.

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