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Half Full or Half Empty / What are Product Keywords?

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When you see a glass half-filled with water, what do you think about it?

  • It is Half Empty.


  • It is Half Full.

Both of these statements are correct; these are just 2 different ways to express the same thing.


Are you thinking: Now, what does this have to do with Amazon?

Let me explain it to you.

Above, we discussed 2 ways to express a glass of water. Similarly, when you think about a product, there are many ways to express/name these are called Product Keywords.

You should know all the names a customer will use to search for your product on Amazon. This way, you can obtain sales from all the keywords and catch all the customers who want your product.

For Example, Garlic Press can also be called:

Garlic Crusher

Garlic Presser

Customers may search it on Amazon by any of these keywords, and you have to catch all the customers.

Lastly, do always find as many keywords you can for your products and make sure to index them and get sales from all the customers who want your product.

Stay tuned for more awesome tips & techniques, and don’t forget to invite your friends to Ecommerce Galaxy Forum.

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Good appreciate.