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Golden Product is a Myth

Bilal Ahmed
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You want a head start in your Amazon journey, and a golden product is what you need.


Are you guys also searching for a Golden Product?
Are you guys also searching for a Golden Product?


Students often come to me with a so-called "Golden Product."

It has low competition with very high sales.


Do you know what the first thing which comes to my mind after seeing such a product is?


There is something wrong with this product. 😱 


I question those students, study more in-depth this product, it looks too good of an opportunity. 🧐 


Now, let me reveal to you a sad reality. 90% of the time that product turns out to be bad news. That low competition may be because:

👉It is patented.

👉It is a very seasonal product & we were analyzing it at its peak in sales.

👉It has some type of entry barriers etc.


That's why you should not get too much excited when you find this "Golden Product."

But analyze it deeply and always ask yourself:

"Why this product has such low competition?"

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Bilal Ahmed