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Golden Product is a Myth

Bilal Ahmed
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You want a head start in your Amazon journey, and a golden product is what you need.


Are you guys also searching for a Golden Product?
Are you guys also searching for a Golden Product?


Students often come to me with a so-called "Golden Product."

It has low competition with very high sales.


Do you know what the first thing which comes to my mind after seeing such a product is?


There is something wrong with this product. ? 


I question those students, study more in-depth this product, it looks too good of an opportunity. ? 


Now, let me reveal to you a sad reality. 90% of the time that product turns out to be bad news. That low competition may be because:

?It is patented.

?It is a very seasonal product & we were analyzing it at its peak in sales.

?It has some type of entry barriers etc.


That's why you should not get too much excited when you find this "Golden Product."

But analyze it deeply and always ask yourself:

"Why this product has such low competition?"

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Bilal Ahmed