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Conquer your Competition with Product Differentiation

Bilal Ahmed
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When sourcing your product or choosing a competitor, what is the most common question which comes to your mind? ? 

”Should you exactly compy what is being sold on Amazon?”
”Should you exactly copy what is being sold on Amazon?”

Let’s say you copy exactly what other sellers are selling and launch on Amazon. 

Now, when the customer compares your list, having zero or very low reviews, with other sellers having higher reviews, who do you think they will purchase from?

Yes, they will most likely purchase from the sellers with high reviews even if you offer a lower price. 


On the other side, if you improve the product and offer a better version to the customer.

Now, you have given them enough reason to catch their attention and purchase from you. ? 


Always improve your Product from your competitor and focus on product differentiation.

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Bilal Ahmed

Muhammad Ali
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Just to add further one can make product differentiation or add value by removing all the shortcoming witnessed or observed on the competitors’ products.

How i.e by reading/ going through negative reviews and observing why people on the competitors product are giving negative reviews.

Action: Tell your supplier (e.g from alibaba, China) from where you are sourcing the product that while manufacturing the product, it should remove all the negative /flaws as observed in your competitor’s product; thus by this you will add value and make your product different to sell on the Amazon market.