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Becoming a Spy for Product Hunting!!!

Bilal Ahmed
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Do you like spies?

Have you seen any spy movie?

In all those spies movies, you see an agent who enters the enemy territory to take vital intel about to benefit their country.

You are wondering: “What the hell does this have to do with Amazon & Product Research?”

Let me explain it to you.

The technique you are going to learn now is similar to what spies do in those movies.

Yes, you will be a spy now. But instead of infiltrating the enemy territory, you will open stores of established brands or your competitors and check which products they are selling.

How is it done?

Follow these simple steps, and you will find some really unique products.

  • Go to Amazon and search any product you want.
  • Run your Jungle Scout/Viral Launch Extension and open the sellers’ lists making the highest monthly sales.
  • From their lists now you can open their stores and check the products (check attached Image)
  • Now get started with your spy work. Check all the products in the store of these sellers and analyze which fit our criteria.

Stay tuned for more awesome techniques, and don’t forget to invite your friends to Ecommerce Galaxy Forum.

Bilal Ahmed

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