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1- Drive Sales (Our established product needs to run campaign and bring more traffic for more sales)

2- Launch New Product (Your product is new and you want to feature it at different places)


Retail Readiness

> Your product should be retail ready, like its title, description, bullet points and images should be top quality.

> Customer review should be 15-25 minimum

> Star rating should be minimum 4 otherwise 4.5 OR 5 are better.

> Inventory should be available in stock.

> You should have Buy Box.

> EBC / A+ content should have.


Now; there are two things: Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands

> Sponsored Products are available for all sellers but Sponsored Brands also called Headline Search is available for registered brands.

> In sponsored products you can promote individual product while in sponsored products you may promote a collection of products.

> In Sponsored Products it appears within product detail pages and search results while in Sponsored Brands it appears at the top, within, and at the bottom of search results.

> In Sponsored Products, clicking on the ad will direct you to the product's detail page. 

>In Sponsored Brands it features a custom headline and logo or image.

> In Sponsored Brands clicking on a product featured will direct you to product detail page. And clicking on headline or logo will direct you to the brand's store OR page featuring a collection of products.

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