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Same channel used for manual, just need to choose manual campaign

There are 2 options in manual targeting;

  1. KW Targeting
  2. Product targeting

In KW Targeting it will show you some KWs if you already have run the campaign, there are three check Broads, Phrase and Exact that are discussed already above. 

If you know well your product and you know the objective of your ad… better to put your top KWs here. TOP 5 then Top 10 KWs even you can add 25-30 KWs here… but adding too much KWs is not a good strategy and even you will have to spend more budget on it.

Every KW on 1 line should be written

When adding KWs look above three options, broad phrase exact. 

Suppose if the same KW is running on all three Broad, Phrase and exact it will not compete itself so, there is no harm in it.

Again the last option is Negative KW targeting.

At the click on Launch Campaign. 


You want to run a manual campaign on ASIN, again same steps but instead of KWs you need to choose Product targeting.

There are 2 tabs, “Category” (less used) and “Individual Product” (used most of the time).

When we open a product listing and scroll down, there are ads… Individual Products ad is that’s the option actually. 

Separate campaigns will be created for KWs and Product targeting in manual, you cannot run both in same campaign.

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