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Keyword Rules

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Close Variation: Shoes or Shoe it refers to plural or singular

Misspellings: Misspellings are not accounted for. It will not be served.

Ignored Words: Following of the words, which are ignored. The, Of, When, And, If.



1- Broad

2- Phrase

3- Exact

4- Negative Phrase or Exact Match (for sponsored products only).


Broad Match

In broad match words can be in any order and also with some additional words, customer search term must contain all the KWs terms OR close variations.

It will deliver to the large audience. You may use it if you are running your campaign for the very first time or from scratch and you have no as such idea of search terms.


Phrase Match

The customer search term should must contain the exact phrase or close variations and be in the same order as KW term. The search term may contain words before or after KW term phase.

It will reach a smaller audience than broad match but can target more specific searches. You may use it when you know that what your customer is seeking for.


Exact match

KW and Search Term should match exactly, every word should be in the same order. It will deliver your ad to very specific set of customers. You may use it when you are sure that what your customers are seeking for.


Negative Match

It is available only for Sponsored Product. It could be phrase and exact both. You can put negative KWs in this to cut your spending’s OR secure your cost. Such words which are not related to our product but those search terms show our listing to the customer. We need to put such KWs in Negative Match.

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Very informative. Thanks