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SC > Advertising > Campaign Manager > Create Campaign > Sponsored Product > Auto Campaign

Campaign Name

Portfolio, you may organize your campaigns here … suppose tooth brushes

Start and End Dates, in case of infinite don’t fill end date.

Daily Budget, you can put as per your requirement.

Daily budget will be spent by Amazon as per requirement. May be you put $50 but as per requirement Amazon consumes @30, it depends on situation.

Targeting, Select Automatic Targeting

Campaign Bidding Strategy: Select as per you need. 

Adjust bid by placement, you may put your product advertisement on top of the search and also at the end of the page (suppose you have opened some product listing, there). Sponsored Brand appears on top of the page, search page.

You can change “Top of Search (first page)” when using Dynamic bid down only and up and down.

Likewise when we click on product and open its listing… we just scroll down and can see, there are products advertised (related). We may Put 100 or 200 % in “Product Page” option.

Ad Group Name

There could be multiple ad groups in a campaign. You have to give it a name. 

Next option is Products > Search OR Enter List OR Upload.

Just search the required product and put it, OR you can enter list … one ASIN in one line.

NEXT is the option AUTOMATIC TARGETTING > Set default bid OR Set bids by targeting group

In first default bid, Amazon is suggesting bid: amount

You may go with Amazon suggestion and even can change as per your requirements. Bid can be changed even after launching campaign. 

In second option bids by group;

Close Match, Lose Match, Substitutes, and Compliments. 

There is one last more option Negative KW targeting. Suppose if you don’t want to use some KW for bringing traffic. You may put that KW here. Like you want if someone types “Bathroom Brush” and it should not show, you can put this KW in Negative.

Negative KW targeting isn’t used in start, it’s used in optimization of PPC… you’ll check either which KWs are not performing well.

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