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Amazon Ppc manual Targeting

Amazonn PPC ( Pay Per Click)

Amazon PPC Keyword Match Types.

Amazon's PPC is evolving. There is a term known as match type in PPC. (Read carefully to understand better). There are many keyword match types. These depend upon which model of targeting you are using. It is essential to specify keyword match type before you target that certain keyword in any of your campaigns. As we all know there are 2 types of targeting on Amazon PPC which are listed below 

 1 Auto targeting 

 2 Manual Targeting

 This is for Amazon ppc Manual Targeting


Manual Targeting (You give amazon keywords that you want to show your ads on)



Manual targeting has 3 different keyword match types. These are the following:

Broad match

Phrase match

Exact match



1-Broad match implies that Amazon will try to target every possible keyword which is relatable (in any mean) to the keyword you are trying to bid for. It allows Amazon to display your ad to individuals/customers on a broad basis. What this means is that your keyword(s) will be matched to search terms that not only match your keyword but are also related to your keyword. This might include plurals, synonyms, misspellings, related keywords in that category or in that niche.

Example: Suppose your targeted keyword is “ mobile charger” Amazon will show your PPC ad on keywords like “samsung mobile charger ”, “charger for cell phone”,” good charger's ” etc.



2-Phrase match enables you to narrow your target search terms to specific phrases. Amazon usually targets those search terms or keywords that contain the exact phrase(you are targeting) or sequence of keywords (in your phrase). The key feature with phrase match is that it allows you to control word order. Amazon will also show your ad when someone searches for close variations of that exact keyword, or with additional words before or after it.

Example: Suppose your targeted keyword is “door lock” Amazon will show your PPC ad on keywords like “door lock black”, “premium portable door lock” etc



3-Exact match means that Amazon will always show your ad on the exact keywords you are targeting. By using the exact match, you narrow down the field of customers to those searching exclusively for your keyword(s). Exact matches will certainly lower the number of individuals who see your ad, but those who see your ad are much more likely to click on your ad (because they are searching solely for your keyword). This match type should be used for keywords that are most relevant to your product, therefore indicating that you should bid higher for these keywords. 


Example: Suppose your targeted keyword is “garlic press ” 

Amazon will show your PPC ad only on this exact keyword.