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[Sticky] How to Use E-Commerce Galaxy Forum

Jawad Latif
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Navigation & Signing Up

1. Follow the forum's rules. 
There's nothing worse then accidentally breaking some rules and getting yourself banned from the site.
2. Fill out the registration form and provide some information in order to become a member of the E-Commerce Galaxy forum.
3. Review the forum options.
On the front page, you should see a list full of sections, usually called "forums". These should lead to a list of relevant forum topics, and possibly even more sub-forums.
4. Click through to look at the topics.
Within one of these "forums", you should see a list of forum topics, each with a thread name and sometimes with a description and "icon".
1. Be polite when you post.
If you're respectful to older members, you will earn some respect yourself in due time. You will probably feel intimidated by veteran users at first; this is normal.
3. Be very thoughtful about your posts, and follow all of the rules as you advance in ranks and your reputation becomes better.
4. Use good spelling and grammar.
This is a thumbs-up for any forum. Using "AOL" speak or "1337 Sp33k" on forums may be hard for some users to read and are very likely to be frowned upon.
5. Have a good time and enjoy the friends you have made and the laughs you have shared in the forum!
6. Try not to belt out your opinions when you are new.
7. Do not spam on the forum.

Jawad Latif