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Weekly Roundup Session - E-Commerce Opportunities

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Digital technology continues to transform the business landscape!

From the introduction of eCommerce technology to the increasing pervasiveness of mobile shopping, from social media marketing to selling on Amazon— the latest retail breakthrough allowing customers to “grab and go” without any checkout lines particularly in these times of pandemic — there’s never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in retail, eCommerce sector.

If you want to know how eCommerce may make a difference in your life, and not just your job, join us LIVE with our Amazon FBA Trainer Muhammad Usman Yousuf, along with Mrs. Ayesha Anees, Business Operations Manager at E-Commerce Galaxy who will tell you how you can turn your favorite hobby into an extra source of income, right there and then!

So students, females who want to work from home, and everyone who wants to start on an exciting career, mark your calendars and be ready on May 1st 2021 right at 11.00 PM (PST).

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