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How to ship Products to Amazon via Pakistan Post - Live Session

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Get insight on “How to ship Products to Amazon via Pakistan Post” in the LIVE session on Friday 25th June 2021, at 7:00 pm on Facebook and YouTube.

For this informative Weekly Round-up Session, we are coming LIVE with Mr. Waqas Raza who is presiding over the session. We have invited over Mr. Muhammad Fiaz Gul, Head of International Mail, Pakistan Post together with Mr. Khawja Imran Raza, Postmaster General Central Punjab, Pakistan Post to give you a rundown on how things are done at Pakistan Post in terms of shipping consignments of sellers to Amazon warehouses abroad in a securely and quickly.

Here’s an overview of what you will learn:

  • How post office will handle shipment?

  • What will be the rates?

  • Delivery time?

  • Is there any cost difference between a single shipment and a bulk shipment?

  • How customer will track his shipment?

  • Is there any direct helpline in case of any query?

  • Will the post office offer some special services?

  • How post will adjust the claim in case shipment is lost in transit?

Tag someone you think needs to attend this session. Great chance to ask questions from the personnel LIVE and get any confusion cleared, right away!

So don’t forget to tune in on June 25th!


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