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How to Get Amazon Seller Account Approved to Sell on Amazon - Weekly Roundup

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You’re up and running as an Amazon seller, and you think you’ve figured out the Amazon marketplace. But there are several issues that even large or long-term Amazon sellers don’t figure out. Gather around!
For our next topic for the round-up session is something you can’t miss!
We are going to talk about useful tips that can get a seller account approved on Amazon and identify common problems that many sellers encounter when they start selling on Amazon!
We have invited just the right person for this, Mr. Zain Ul Rafi who is an *Amazon Seller Account Creation Expert with more than 500 successful accounts approved and a dozen reinstated! *
This session will help all newbies especially because they would not have to go over the problems that old sellers had to go through hence, save their time!
Join us for the LIVE session on Facebook and YouTube tonight. All queries will be answered!
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