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Be a Certified VA and getting started on AMZ - Webinar

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The eCommerce sector for Pakistan is on it's way to make a go no one ever imagined, and with it we are ready too!

For all the VA’s and Freelancers out there, who want to expand and grow their businesses, it’s more important than ever that you prepare yourself at your best and fasten your seatbelts for what’s coming for you. This is something we can all benefit from and ultimately create revenues for a prosperous Pakistan as entrepreneurs & freelancers.

Since the inclusion of Pakistan in the Amazon's Seller's list, it's highly important that VA's and Freelancers get a learning boost too, so they can take on with the upcoming challenges of the eCommerce sector! Therefore, we are setting up a webinar hosted by the field experts for all those who want to join online business as a lucrative career. Students, Females and young entrepreneurs, you are all welcome!

Also, there will be an SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT made during that webinar which you should not miss.

Be ready tomorrow May 23 2021 right at 10.00 PM (PST).

Looking forward to see you all !!

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