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Wholesale FBA prerequisites

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There is a common misconception that the wholesale FBA business model can be started by just having a seller account but unfortunately this approach is absolutely wrong.  Like other business models, there are some basic requirements to get a good start. I will list down mandatory things that should be in hand,


Amazon Seller Account


Sales Tax ID

Resale certificate

Website (Could be a niche based or general)

Picture of warehouse (It could be the dedicated space at home)

Storefront (both of Amazon and physical shop if any)

Dedicated business email/phone number 


Similarly, there are some basic tools that are needed to analyse the products, it includes the Keepa, AmaAnalyzer/Scan Unlimited to scan the product feeds and FBA multi tool kit to perform the profit/loss calculations.


By having all the mentioned above, there is a great possibility to get the account approved with the wholesaler/brand in first attempt. Hope this information will help the new starters to provide brief information to sellers and can also lead to avoid conflicts. 


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Great info ? 

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