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Can we sign up from Pakistan? What should be the strategy for new seller accounts?

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Pakistan is a qualifying country to sign up for an eBay seller account but recent experiences show the level of suspensions are pretty much higher so it’s not recommended. In order to keep your account safe, please follow the below guidelines,


For the first 90 days, always choose one static IP (preferably paid VPS service) to access your account. 

Sign up for the buyer account, make 3-4 random purchases to make it operational

Sign up for Paypal and make 2-3 transections to check everything goes well.

Attach your Paypal to your eBay to convert it from buyer to seller account 


After doing all the above mentioned, you are ready to make listings and make your eBay store live. 90 days is highly risky for the new accounts so it’s recommended to choose stock items. You can get those items from a bunch of wholesalers. 


Now, after getting those items, start their listings on eBay and once you start getting orders, make sure to generate shipping labels inside from the eBay seller hub. Keep practicing this for at least three months. 


I hope these practices can help you to keep your eBay journey safe and successful. In my next post, I will be discussing the online arbitrage in detail. 


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